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Meet PDC Security


Our founder, Paul Cook, draws on 36 years of combined experience in the U.S. Navy and with intelligence agencies to ensure PDC Security delivers tailored technical security solutions that are effective and sustainable within organizational frameworks. We have grown to include expertise in cybersecurity and continue to research how the technical and cybersecurity disciplines integrate.


PDC Security believes excellence is realized when experience, technical expertise, and proven business practices work in synergy. We are committed to delivering custom solutions that leverage the best of today's technologies to solve challenges in the technical security community. We believe success is measured not only by what we achieved yesterday, but by what we achieve tomorrow.


We are partners with Anchorwatch Softworks and collaborate on the design of virtual reality training applications such as Bug Monkey VR. Virtual reality technologies enable the development of cost effective, custom, and scalable training solutions for the technical security community.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about Bug Monkey VR and other technical security training products that are currently in development. The contact link is the best way to start.

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